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br250t (bravo lt[long track]--88p whered the shorty go?
ex570 (exciter ll)--88r
ex570e (exciter ll le e start)--88s
pz480 (phazer ll)--88f
pz480e (phazer ll le e-start--88h
pz480st (phazer ll long track)--88x possibly the first production sled not utility related that had a long track. of course short track by todays standard. more on that later.
sr540 (srv)--88u
sv125 (snosport)--88a
sz125e (as above, only with the e-start )--88b
vk540e (vk540)--88n
vt480xl (venture xl)--88t

notice the ommission of the snoscoot and the addition of the venture. the venture was heavily based on the pz but this sled upon this years introduction became one of the more popular models in the lineup for years to come.

having an issue with the finger on the left hand as its missing a bit of skin, it will heal, hence the select use of caps on this installment.

and for you nay sayers, i am a born lefty that hunts and picks. try it off handed.

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BR250 (Bravo)--89B
BR250T (Bravo Long Track)--89D
CS340E (Ovation LE)--89E forgot the e-start
ET410TR (Enticer II LT)--89X
EX570 (Exciter II)--89J
EX570E (Exciter II LE, E Start)--89K
PZ480 (Phazer II)--89F
PZ480E (Phazer II Electric Start)--89H
PZ480ST (Phazer II ST Long Track)--89G
VT480GT (Venture GT)--89V
VT480XL (Venture XL)--89M
VX750 (Vmax-4)--89A. this was the start of some serious hp and some hardcore butt kicking!

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BR250 (Bravo)--8AE
BR250T (Bravo Long Track)--8AF
CS340E (Ovation LE Elect. Start)--8AH
ET410TR (Enticer II LT)--8AJ
EX570 (Exciter II)--8AV
EX570E (Exciter II LE, Elec Start)--8AW
EX570ST (Exciter II, Long Track)--89L
EX570SX (Exciter II SX)--8AY Exciter on roids, the start of better things!
PZ480 (Phazer II)--8AK
PZ480E (Phazer II LE, Elect-Start)--8AL
PZ480ST (Phazer II ST, Long Track)--8AM
VK540E) (VK540 II)--8AU
VT480GT (Venture GT)--8AP
VT480XL (Venture XL)--8AN
VX750 (Vmax-4)--8AX. still kicking butt!

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BR250T (Bravo Long Track)--8BD
CS340E (Ovation LE)--8BE
ET410TR (Enticer II Long Track)--8BY
PZ480 (Phazer II)--8BF
PZ480E (Phazer II LE)--8BG
PZ480ST (Phazer II Long Track)--8BH
VK540E (VK540 II)--8AC
VT480XL (Venture XL)--8BK
VX500 (Vmax 500)--8AB
VX500DX (Vmax 500 DX) 8BB
VX500E (Vmax 500 Electric Start)--8BP
VX500ST Vmax 500 ST, Long Track)--8BN
VX600 (Vmax 600)--8CA
VX600DX (Vmax 600 DX)--8CB
VX600 E (Vmax 600 LE)--8CF
VX600ST (Vmax 600 ST, Long Track)--8CC
VX750 (Vmax-4)--8BW
VX750ST (Vmax-4 ST, Long Track)--8BX

the Vmax 500's and 600s were results of the prior years' 93 Exiter SX as well as a culmination of the now proven Vmax-4's. these sleds would set precedence for the next few years.

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trying a little change up here. may be easier to read or follow since in theory your searching for the vin code, dont know. this may stand out better. feedback welcome. unfortunately, with some models, now you have to compare the subsequent digits to verify the year.

i mentioned this confusing factor earlier.


8BD--Bravo Long Track starting vin--8BD-008101
8BE--Ovation LE (Electric Start) starting vin--8BE-005101
8BY--Enticer II LT starting vin--8BY-005101
8BF--Phazer II starting vin--8BF-005101
8BG--Phazer II LE starting vin--8BG-007101
8BH--Phazer II Long Track starting vin--8BH-003101
8AC--VK540 II starting vin--8AC-003101
8BK--Venture XL starting vin--8BK-002101
8AB--Vmax500 starting vin--8AB-005101
8CL--Vmax500 DX starting vin--8CL-000101(first year model. pay attention, compare with 94 listings)
8BP--Vmax500 LE starting vin--8BP-004101
8CA--Vmax600 starting vin--8CA-007101
8CG--Vmax600 DX stating vin--8CG-000101
8CF--Vmax600 LE starting vin -8CF-005101
8CC--Vmax600 ST starting vin--004101
8BU--Vmax-4 800
8BT--Vmax-4 Long Track

so this is where it begins the confusion. what you will notice is the first year production models will begin with a 000 after the prefix. after the 000 begins the production number. go back to 94 model list and all those will have a 000. from this point on on some models, the designation letters carried 4 years or more. now you must refer to the subsequent numbering to verify year.

some real confusing years coming up. i will help decipher any vins for the confused.

as an example, if your verifying a Vmax600 ST, your vin would start with 8CC-004XXX. the X's being your actual numbers revealing production count on the line.

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8BD-016101--Bravo LT (Long Track)
8BE--008101--Ovation LE
8BF-007101--Phazer II
8BG-009101--Phazer II LE
8BH-006101--Phazer II Mountain Lite
8AC-007101--VK540 II
8CK-000101--Venture TR (new model, hence the code)
8BK-004101--Venture XL
8AB-12101--Vmax 500
8CL-004101--Vmax 500 DX
8BP-009101--Vmax 500 LE
8CM-005101--Vmax 500 XT (new model)
8CA-016101--Vmax 600
8CG-007101--Vmax 600 DX
8CF-015101--Vmax 600 LE
8CC-012101--Vmax 600 Mountain Max
8BV-011101--Vmax 600 XT (new model, inconsistent code)
8BU-003101-- Vmax-4 800
8BT-001101--Vmax-4 Mountain Max

again, multiple models sharing same prefix. compare the last three numbers in the vin for year.

i think i like this layout better with the vins out first, or would you rather the model appear first? comments?

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8BD-019179--Bravo Long Track
8BE-009063--Ovation LE
8CS-000455--Mtn Max 600(new model)
8CP-000363--Mtn Max 700(new model)
8BT-001587--Mtn Max 800
8BF-010106--Phazer SS
8BG-013103--Phazer SS E-Start
8BH-009142--Phazer Mtn Lite
8AC-010259--VK540 II
8CK-001608--Venture TR (Long Track/Reverse)
8BK-007110--Venture XL
8CY-000125--Venture 500(new model)
8CW-000829--Venture 600(new model)
8CJ-000051--Vmax 500 XT(new model)
8CU-000437--Vmax 500 XTC(new model)
8DC-000051--Vmax 500 XTC E-Start(new model)
8DD-000153--Vmax 500 XTC w/reverse(new model)
8CV-000653--Vmax 600 SX(new model)
8CR-000135--Vmax 600 XT(new model)
8CX-007341--Vmax 600 XTC(new model)
8DA-000321--Vmax 600 XTC E-Start(new model)
8DB-000385--Vmax 600 XTC w/ reverse(new model)
8CH-000548--Vmax 700 SX(new model)
8BU-005111--Vmax-4 800

for those following along, remember to compare subsequent digits for year confirmation.

also notice that most new models per year will begin with 000 after the prefix code.

just a few more confusing years and it begins to straighten out some. i actually think there was some negative feedback to the factory over the confusing vins.

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8BD-022233--Bravo Long Track
8BE-010229--Ovation Elect. Start
8CS-004414--Mountain Max 600
8CP-008075--Mountain Max 700
8DP-000213--Mountain SRX 700(New Model)
8BF-010625--Phazer SS
8BG-013869--Phazer SS Electric
8BH-010968--Phazer Mountain Lite
8DF-000060--SRX 600(New Model)
8DE-000158--SRX 600 w/ Ohlins(New Model)
8DN-000056--SRX 700 (New Model)
8DW-000292--SRX 700 w/ Ohlins (New Model)
8AC-013624--VK540 II
8CK-003469--Venture TR Electric
8CY-002303--Venture 500
8CW-005922--Venture 600
8DM-000723--Venture 700 (New Model)
8CJ-002286--Vmax 500XT
8CU-001825--Vmax 500XTC
8DD-000827--Vmax 500XTC Elect Start
8DT-000137--Vmax 500XTR(Elec/Reverse., New Model)
8DR-000537--Vmax 600 SX
8CV-005691--Vmax 600 SXS(ohlins equipped)
8CR-003584--Vmax 600XT
8CX-008121--Vmax 600XTC
8DB-003052--Vmax 600XTC Deluxe
8DV-000353--Vmax 600XTR(New Model)
8CH-015061--Vmax 700SX
8DU-000111--Vmax 700SXS (Ohlins Package)
8DS-000311--Vmax 700XT
8DH-000613--Vmax 700XTC
8DK-000337--Vmax 700XTC Deluxe
8DL-000153--Vmax 700 XTCP

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8BD-026672--Bravo Long Track
8BE-011053--Ovation LE
8CS-006076--Mountain Max 600
8CP-010471--Mountain Max 700
8BH-012938--Phazer Mountain Lite
8DJ-000743--Phazer 500 (New Model)
8DF-002550--SRX 600
8DN-006123--SRX 700
8DW-005927--SRX 700 w/ Ohlins
8AC-017015--VK540 III
8CY-004863--Venture 500
8DX-000721--Venture 500 XL (New Model)
8EB-000567--Venture 600 (New Model)
8DM-004270--Venture 700
8CJ-004494--Vmax 500
8CR-004405--Vmax 600
8DG-000696--Vmax 600 Deluxe
8EA-000121--Vmax 600 SX (New Model-first year with the 600 triple)
8DS-002019--Vmax 700
8DY-000115--Vmax 700 Deluxe
8CH-016110--Vmax 700 SX

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8BD-028141--Bravo LT
8EJ-000471--Mountain Max 600(New Model, redesigned)
8ED-000339--Mountain Max 700(New Model,redesigned)
8DJ-007918--Phazer 500
8EG-000335--Phazer Mountain Lite(looking for one of these)
8DN-009617--SRX 700
8DW-007961--SRX w/ Ohlins
8CT-003915--SX 500R(SXr)
8EA-003822--SX 600R(SXr)
8CH-018714--SX 700R(SXr)
8AC-022357--VK540 III
8CY-006693--Venture 500
8DX-004308--Venture 500 XL
8EB-004171--Venture 600
8DM-007415--Venture 700
8CJ-006648--Vmax 500
8DT-002824--Vmax 500 Deluxe
8DG-003089--Vmax 600 Deluxe
8DS-002979--Vmax 700
8DY-002175--Vmax 700 Deluxe

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8EJ-002191--Mountain Max 600
8ED-008785--Mountain Max 700
8DJ-012440--Phazer 500
8EM-000323--Phazer 500 Deluxe(First and Last Edition)
8EG-003089--Phazer Mountain Lite
8DN-012740--SRX 700
8CT-006803--SX 500R
8EA-008115--SX 600R
8CH-028249--SX 700R
8AC-028249--VK 540 III
8CY-008030--Venture 500
8EB-006296--Venture 600
8DM-007991--Venture 700
8DT-003820--Vmax 500 Deluxe
8DG-004411--Vmax 600 Deluxe
8DY-002973--Vmax 700 Deluxe

this year began the end of an era. the last time the Phazer moniker would be used in the 2 stroke application.

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8EJ-003555--Mountain Max 600
8ED-014143--Mountain Max 700
8DN-017617--SRX 700
8EA-010651--SX 600R
8EK-000780--SX Viper(this one set a mark to beat)
8FB-000664--SX Viper ER
8AC-030492--VK540 III
8EB-008426--Venture 600
8DM-009871--Venture 700
8DG-005893--Vmax 600 ER
8DY-004867--Vmax 700 ER

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the last year for some good ones, first year of better things to come.

8ED-017403--Mountain Max 700
8EP-000469--RX-1 Moutain
8EV-000201--RX-1 Mountain LE (Limited Edition)
8ER-001091--RX-1 ER
8EW-000533--RX-1 ER LE
8EU-000145--RX-1 LE
8EA-013172--SX 600 R
8EK-016124--SX Viper
8FB-007262--SX Viper ER
8EN-000697--SXViper Mountain
8AC-034697--VK540 III
8EB-010794--Venture 600
8DM-011895--Venture 700
8DG-007700--Vmax600 ER

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8AC-038457--Vmax 540 III
8EY-000059--Venom ER
8FD-000244--Venture 600
8FB-009784--SX Viper ER
8EN-004226--SX Viper Mountain
8FF-000237--Venture 700
8FE-000485-- SX Viper S
8EP-005165--RX-1 Mountain
8ER-007725--RX-1 ER
8EU-000603--RX-1 LE
8EV-001646--RX-1 Mountain LE
8EW-003731--RX-1 ER LE
8FG-000397--RX Warrior
8FH-000177--RX Warrior LE

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taking a little break, been busy. 2005-2011 coming soon.

if anyone needs immediate attention on these model years, send me a private message.

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seeing the view count steadily rising, lets add the 05's:

8AC-043589--VK540 III
8EY-0001375--Venom ER
8FD-0001509--Venture 600
8EN-0006507--Viper Mountain
8FV-0000511--RX-1 ER
8FW-0000147--RX-1 Mountain
8FX-0000327--RX Warrior
8FY-0000227--RX-1 ER, Limited Edition
8GA-0000101--RX-1 Mountain, Limited Edition
8GB-0000086--RX Warrior, Limited Edition
8ES-0000298--RS Vector
8FJ-0000434--RS Vector ER
8FK-0000355--RS Vector Mountain
8FL-0000747--RS Rage
8ET-0000618--RS Venture

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Vmax xt 600

Thanks this is the only place on the Internet I had any luck with aging the sled I just bought vmax xt 600 first 3 in vin 8bv. Looks like a 96 ??

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layed up this weekend so i am adding some more, starting at the inception, and the list will continue in chronological order from here on out unless someone has an urgent request for model clarification.

1968: SL350 (model code 801) RW1(if you got one of these, its worth some coin)
1969: SL351 (model code 802) vin code 802(bank on this as well)
1970: SL338 (vins and engines will start with 00101, see the 71 list for clarity)
SL338B(vins and engines will start with 20101 or higher, the 2 being key)
SS433 (starting vins of 00101)
SW396(one of my personal favorites from yesteryear) SW433E
1972: EW433B
GP292(woo hooo, loved this little sled!)
SL292B(vins will roll at or above 10101
SL338C(vins again roll at or above 30101
SL433B (vins at 25101 or more)
SW433B (vins will show 10101 or more)

more to come as time and mind allow.
I have a sw396 i think its a 1970, i cannot find a vin# can you tell me where it is located?
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