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06 vins

8BD-0036831--Bravo LT
8DX-0001321--Venture 500 XL
8EY-0001982--Venom ER
8FD-0001871--Venture 600
8EN-0007104--Viper Mtn(last year of a great sled)
8ES-0000618--RS Vector
8FJ-0000434--RS Vector ER
8GG-0000317--RS Vector GT
8GH-0000429--Nytro ER
8FL-0004634--RS Rage
8ET-0006229--RS Venture
8FK-0000355--RS Vector Mountain
8GE-0000217--RS Vector Mtn SE
8FN-0000585--VK Pro
8FR10-0000006--Apex ER
8GD-0000297--Apex GT
8FP--0000119--Apex RTX
8FR30-0000002--Apex RTX ER
8FS-0000589--Apex Mountain

now that we will be dealing primarily with the 4 stroke models and most being new models, the vins will get confusing and be based on subsequent numbers with the same model codes. it may get confusing from here on out.

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8BD-0039407--Bravo LT
8GK-0000259--Phazer GT
8GN-0000541--Phazer Lite
8GP-0000125--Mountain lite
8FJ-0008865--RS Vector ER
8GG-0003217--RS Vector GT
8GH-0003729--Nytro ER
8FL-0006784--RS Rage
8GX-0000229--RS Rage GT
8ET-0010905--RS Venture
8GW-0000309--RS Venture GT
8FK-0002197--RS Vector Mtn
8GE-0000801--RS Vector Mtn SE
8GS-0000443--VK Professional
8FR50-000001--Apex ER
8GD-0005969--Apex GT
8GT-0000056--Apex RTX
8GU-0000499--Apex RTX ER
8GV-0000255--Attak GT
8FS-0003095--Apex Mtn
8GY-0000255--Apex Mtn SE

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8BD-0041381--Bravo T
8GK-0004582--Phazer GT
8GN-0006422--Phazer RTX
8GP-0006139--Phazer MTX
8GJ-0004107--Venture Lite
8GM-0000205--RS Vector ER
8HC-0000417--RS Vector GT
8HC-0000517--RS Vector GT 40th Anniversary Edition
8HD-0000107--RS Vector LTX
8HE-0000515--RS Vector LTX GT
8ET-0012183--RS Venture
8GW-0002085--RS Venture GT
8GS-0008548--VK Professional
8GL-0000065--FX Nytro ER
8HJ-0000103--FX Nytro RTX
8HB-0000565--FX Nytro RTX ER
8HB-0000445--FX Nytro RTX ER 40th Anniversary Edition
8HA-0000299--FX Nytro MTX
8HA-0000419--FX Nytro MTX ER
8HA-0000709--FX Nytro MTX ER 40th Anniversary Edition
8GD-0009605--Apex GT 40th Anniversary
8GU-0002505--Apex RTX ER
8FT-0007549--Apex LTX
8GV-0004055--Apex LTX GT 40th Anniversary Edition
8FS-0004461--Apex MTX
8GY-0002085--Apex MTX 40th Anniversary Edition

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the 9's

8BD-0044343--Bravo T
8GK-0005960--Phazer GT
8GN-0008028--Phazer RTX
8GP-0009692--Phazer MTX
8GJ-0006013--Venture Lite
8GM-0000753--RS Vector ER
8HC-0001191--RS Vector GT
8HD-0000962--RS Vector LTX
8HE-0001270--RS Vector LTX GT
8ET-0012873--RS Venture
8HF-0000077--RS Venture GT
8GS-0009269--VK Pro
8GL-0003520--FX Nytro ER
8HB-0006050--FX Nytro RTX ER
8HK-0000341--FX Nytro RTX SE
8HL-0000343--FX Nytro XTX
8HA-0006989--FX Nytro MTX ER
8FR9-0000002--Apex ER
8GU-0002996--Apex RTX ER
8GD-0010706--Apex GT
8FT-0008699--Apex LTX
8GV-0006269--Apex LTX GT
8GY-0003141--Apex MTX

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8BD-0049299--Bravo T
8GK-0006729--Phazer GT
8GN-0009608--Phazer RTX
8GP-0011621--Phazer MTX
8GJ-0008179--Venture Lite
8JA-0000036--RS Vector GT
8JB-0000155--RS Vector LTX GT
8ET-0014943--RS Venture
8GS-0015591--VK Pro
8GL-0004787--FX Nytro
8HB-0007739--FX Nytro RTX
8HK-0001619--FX Nytro RTX SE
8HL-0007593--FX Nytro XTX
8HA-0009944--FX Nytro MTX
8HU-0000161--FX Nytro MTX SE 153"
8HR-0000587--FX Nytro MTX SE 162"
8GD-0011227--Apex GT
8FT-0009511--Apex LTX
8GV-0007402--Apex LTX GT
8GY-0003861--Apex MTX

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for some clarity

MTX= Mountain
GT= Groomed Trail
XT=Cross Over, usually a longer track like 144" vs 121" and suspension package
RTX=Rough Trail usually a different suspension package
LT=take your pick here, most the lt models had a 136" track. Luxury Touring or Longer Track?

these are my takes on the monikers, feel free to correct/adjust/advise as needed.

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8GK-0007000--Phazer GT
8GN-0009940--Phazer RTX
8GP-0012195--Phazer MTX
8GJ-0008715--Venture Lite
8ET-0015040--RS Venture
8HF-0005567--RS Venture GT
8JA-0001718--Vector GT
8JB-0002263--Vector LTX GT
8GS-0016074--VK Pro
8GL-0004940--FX Nytro
8HK-0002133--FX Nytro RTX
8HL-0010973--FX Nytro XTX
8HU-0000917--FX Nytro MTX SE 153"
8HR-0002920--FX Nytro MTX SE 162"
8JC-0000378--Apex SE
8HN-0000697--Apex XTX

2 Posts
8BD-019179--Bravo Long Track
8BE-009063--Ovation LE
8CS-000455--Mtn Max 600(new model)
8CP-000363--Mtn Max 700(new model)
8BT-001587--Mtn Max 800
8BF-010106--Phazer SS
8BG-013103--Phazer SS E-Start
8BH-009142--Phazer Mtn Lite
8AC-010259--VK540 II
8CK-001608--Venture TR (Long Track/Reverse)
8BK-007110--Venture XL
8CY-000125--Venture 500(new model)
8CW-000829--Venture 600(new model)
8CJ-000051--Vmax 500 XT(new model)
8CU-000437--Vmax 500 XTC(new model)
8DC-000051--Vmax 500 XTC E-Start(new model)
8DD-000153--Vmax 500 XTC w/reverse(new model)
8CV-000653--Vmax 600 SX(new model)
8CR-000135--Vmax 600 XT(new model)
8CX-007341--Vmax 600 XTC(new model)
8DA-000321--Vmax 600 XTC E-Start(new model)
8DB-000385--Vmax 600 XTC w/ reverse(new model)
8CH-000548--Vmax 700 SX(new model)
8BU-005111--Vmax-4 800

for those following along, remember to compare subsequent digits for year confirmation.

also notice that most new models per year will begin with 000 after the prefix code.

just a few more confusing years and it begins to straighten out some. i actually think there was some negative feedback to the factory over the confusing vins.
I may have asked this before and doing my best to follow along, but my exact VIN for my 480 Venture is 8CK-001607. Your sample in 1997 shows 8CK-001608... just one digit off. Is that the first VIN for 1997 or only an example. Still confused on if mine is a 96 or 97.

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purely speculation on my part, but one might think that you had the last sled built in the manufacturing year of 96. wouldnt that be cool?

since the 97 model year vin code starts with the 001608, and the 96 model year starts with 000101, and yours being a 001607, one could draw a conclusion that just over 1500 units were built in 96.

to my knowledge, the starting numbers verify and signify a new year of production, hence the listed numbers. it got confusing for all when the model codes carried from year to year.

on a side note, it would be nice to see the vin list as a "sticky" listed separately as opposed to its current location tucked away where its at. there were many more views on it prior to its hiding.

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look at your numbers a bit closer. could that 5 be a 3? perhaps the 5 and the t are transposed?

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wheres brooklin? my lists only show u.s. marketed sleds. i have ran across this in the past where a vin doesnt jive with my lists and 9 out of 10 times its a canadian only model or offered in the european market.

funny part about that is its the same dang sled as the u.s. marketed sleds just the oddball vin. your sled is in fact a 1989 enticer. the build date of 88 is how yamaha does their thing for the next year.

yes, its a one of a kind, sort of. i would go with it was specifically designated for canada or europe. your sled will have something on it different from the u.s. models but 99% of it will match.
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