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thought i would start a list of vins for the yamaha sleds to save me some messaging time and space. perhaps a sticky may come of this.

just for fun i picked 1979. the year i graduated high school. i will add additional years upon request and if enough requests come in, i can add to the list from 1968(when yamaha first sold production sleds) through 2005(the last time i bought a new yamaha).

there will be alot of time and typing effort involved on my part, but to my knowledge will be the only source on the internet with a list as complete as this, if enough requests come in and we actually compile the entire vin list.

EC540(ExcelV) 8H8
ET250(Enticer 250) 8H4
ET300(Enticer 300) 8H9
ET340(Enticer 340) 8H5
ET340E(Enticer 340 electric start)8J4
EX440(Exciter 440) 8H6
SRX440(Duh) 8J0

positive responses makes the effort worth while, some of the 90' models carried the same starting prefixes and the years were identified with the subsequent numbers on the vins as well as the starting three digits, so the lists will become longer.

lets see where it goes from here.

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Looks like 79 has a H sufix?
I know the Jap motocross bikes use a Leter to designate year! Like RM 250 K!

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actually one of the easier years. too bad the pattern doesnt carry over.

for 1980 sleds:
EC540(Excel V) 8K1
ET250(Enticer 250) 8J5
ET300(Enticer 300 twin) 8K0
ET340(Enticer 340) 8J6
ET340E(Enticer 340 Electric Start) 8J9
EX440(Exciter 440) 8J7
SR540(SRV) 8L0
SRX440 8K2
SS440 8K4

so much for the pattern theory, thanks yamaha. it will only become more confusing as additional years are added.


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layed up this weekend so i am adding some more, starting at the inception, and the list will continue in chronological order from here on out unless someone has an urgent request for model clarification.

1968: SL350 (model code 801) RW1(if you got one of these, its worth some coin)
1969: SL351 (model code 802) vin code 802(bank on this as well)
1970: SL338 (vins and engines will start with 00101, see the 71 list for clarity)
SL338B(vins and engines will start with 20101 or higher, the 2 being key)
SS433 (starting vins of 00101)
SW396(one of my personal favorites from yesteryear)
1972: EW433B
GP292(woo hooo, loved this little sled!)
SL292B(vins will roll at or above 10101
SL338C(vins again roll at or above 30101
SL433B (vins at 25101 or more)
SW433B (vins will show 10101 or more)

more to come as time and mind allow.

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Model / Starting Vin Number
EL433B / 843
EW433C / 842
EW643B / 852
GP292B / 845
GP338 / 846
GP433B / 844
GP643B / 847
SL292C / 839
SL338D / 840
SL433B / 841
SM292 / 853
SR292 / 856
SR433C / 857
SR643B / 858
SW433C / 838

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for 1974:

model / starting vin number

GP246F / 881
GP292F / 864
GP338F / 865
GP433 / 866
GPX338F / 878
GPX433F / 879
SL338F / 859
SL433F / 861
SM292F / 867
TL433F / 874
TW433F / 868

just a note: on the early sleds from around 72 and up to around 84, the engines also had identifying numbers. easy way to check if the engine was original to the model. most after 84 the vin and the engine prefixes should match starting digits.

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1975: last of the easy years, in fact, one of the easiest. for those that remember, this was the year when alot of snowmobile manufacturers went under, or almost under. some blamed it on the oil crisis, others the weather. i worked at a service station during those times, limit: 5 gallons, cars were lined up for miles. the few who weathered the storm we owe thanks to for todays sleds!
GPX338G and GPX433G were the only models produced that year, with vins starting with 888 and 889.

for 1976, new line up, new names, and yamaha started identifying the sleds with numbers used similar to todays.

EX340(Exciter 340)-8A6
EX440(Exciter 440)-8A5
GP300- 899
GP440- 8A1
GS300- 898
GS340- 8A0
PR440(Prestige 440)- 8A2
SRX340- 8A8
SRX440(the start of a long winning streak)- 8A7

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ET250(Enticer 250)-8F3
EX340(Exciter 340)-8E7
EX440(Exciter 440)-8E8
GP440 -8E4
GS300 -8E6
GS340 -8E3
SRX440 -8F2

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ET250(Enticer 250)- 8G5
ET340(Enticer 340)- 8G8
EX340(Exciter 340)- 8G7
EX440(Exciter 440)- 8G6
SRX440 - 8G9
SSR440(Yamahas first and only flat track specific sled) 8H0

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EC540 (Excel V)--8K1
ET250 (Enticer 250)--8J5
ET300 (Enticer 300)--8K0
ET340 (Enticer 340)--8J6
ET340E (Enticer 340 deluxe with electric start)--8J9
EX440 (Exciter 440)--8J7
SR540 (SRV)--8L0

this year brought the two new models in the SS and the SRV which paved the way for sleds to come in the following years.

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EC340 (Excell lll)-- 8L6
ET250 (Enticer 250)--8L2
ET300 (Enticer 300)--8L3
EX440 (Exciter 440)--8L5
SR540 (SRV)--8L9

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BR250 (Bravo)--8R4
ET340 (Enticer 340)--8N5
ET340TR (Enticer 340T Long Track)--8R3
SR540 (SRV)--8R6

another slim model year from yamaha, but some good sleds are coming!

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BR250 (Bravo 250)--8U0
EC340 (Excell lll) -- 8T7
ET300 (Enticer 300) -- 8T5 (still have this sled, would sell it cheap)
ET340T (Enticer 340 Long Track)--8T9
SR540 (SRV) --8U7 (just sold this one, had it way to long, helluva runner, kinda miss the old girl. bought it used in 86. comfort in knowing it will bring enjoyment to others. man did i do some stuff to that)
VMX540 (Vmax) --8U9 (this was the start of good things to come for yamaha. lots of new and firsts on this mighty powerhouse.)

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BR250 (Bravo)--8V7
EC340 (Excel lll)--8W8
ET300 (Enticer 300)--8W6
ET340 (Enticer 340)--8W9
ET340T (Enticer 340 long track)--8X0
PZ480 (Phazer)-8V0 you all know this one, one of the best ever for years to come!
PZ480SE (Phazer SE)-- 8X9. this one came with electric start standard.
SR540 (SRV)--8V9
VMX540 (Vmax 540)--8X6. once drove 2.5 hours in the dark to pick one of these up. wish i still had it.

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BR250 (Bravo 250)--80F
BR250T (Bravo 250 Long Track)--8Y1
EC340 (Excell lll)--8Y3
ET340 (Enticer 340)--8Y2
ET340T (Enticer 340T Long Track)--80E
PZ480 (Phazer)-80L
PZ480E (Phazer E Electric Start)--80K
SR540 (SRV)--8Y0
SS440-- 80R
VMX540 (V-Max)--80N
XL540 (XL-V)-8Y7 reintroduced from 1980 with some new graphics and a clutch change, back by popular demand.

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BR250 (Bravo 250)--80v
BR250T (Bravo Long Track)--81U
CF300 (Inviter)--81E this was one of the more space aged sleds for its time and is still desireable amongst collectors and restorers. way cool for its time!
EC340 (Excel lll)--80Y
ET340 (Enticer 340)--80X
ET340T (Enticer 340 Long Track)--81A
PZ480 (Phazer)--81H
PZ480E (Phazer Deluxe, Electric Start)--81J. anyone notice that this year having electric start now makes it "Deluxe"? that moniker will stick for a few years to come, not just for the PZ, but more upcoming sleds.
SR540 (SRV)--81G
VMX540 (Vmax)--81K
XL540 (XL-V)--81R

if anyone following along has noticed any patterns developing with the vin codes, please advise. i know there are commonalities, but i havent been able to predict a constant. things only get more confusing in the next few years.

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BR250 (Bravo)--82F
BR250T (Bravo Long Track)--82R
CF300 (Inviter)-- 83M
EC340 (Excel lll) 82J
ET340 (Enticer 340)--82H
ET340T9Enticer 340 Long Track)--82U
EX570 (Exciter)--82M the phazer on steroids. this was a hard sled to tune for an introductory year model. the subsequent years had the bugs worked out but if you have an 87, theres plenty of corrective info available.
PZ480 (Phazer)-- 82K
PZ480E (Phazer Electric Start)--82L
SR540 (SRV)--82W. my second srv purchase. never should have let the wife ride the 83 after the motor work. should have kept her on the Excell 340. this began a life long journey towards her power and speed addiction.
VMX540 (Vmax)--83H. wouldnt let her ride this for another year or so. wish i never did.
XL540 (XL-V)--82V

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BR250 (Bravo)--83Y
BR250T (Bravo 250 Long Track)--84E
CF300 (Inviter)--83U. anyone ever ride one of these? looks and styling were years beyond. i would have thought yamaha recruited aliens from outer space on this build.
EC340-(Excell lll)--84H. bought a pair of these for dang near nothing from a guy that didnt take well to the cold. great for the kids and fun for the adults. just needed more track.
ET340 (Enticer 340)--83T
ET340T (Enticer Long Track)--84F
ET340LTR (Enticer Long Track + Reverse) --84G this one set precedence for the future as well. reverse? who needs that. wait, i do!
EX570 (Exciter) --84M
EX570E (Exciter Deluxe [E-Start]--84N
PZ480 (Phazer)--84J
PZ480E (Phazer Deluxe [E-Start]--83V
SR540 (SRV)--84L
SV80 (Snoscoot)--85G. fun little machines these were, kid or adult, jet ski on snow
SV80E (Snoscoot w/ E start)--85H
VK540--84R big ole wide and long track tree pulling, moose hauling, ice shanty dragging utility sled. one of the first wide tracks ever among the big 4. set a mark others followed.
XL540 (XL-V)--83W

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BR250 (Bravo)--86A
BR250T (Bravo Long Track)--86C
CF300 (Inviter)--86E
CS340 (Ovation)--85L
CS340E (Ovation Deluxe w/ E-Start)--85N
ET340TR (Enticer Long Track/Reverse)--85V
EX570 (Exciter)--86M
EX570E (Exciter Deluxe/E-Start)--86N
PZ480 (Phazer)--86F
PZ480E (Phazer Deluxe E/Start)--86H
SR540 (SRV)--86U
SV80 (Snoscoot)--85X
SV80E (Snoscoot E-Start)--85Y
VK540E (VK540)--86R
XL540 (XL-V)--86K

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BR250 (Bravo)--87S
BR250T (Bravo LT)--87T
CF300 (Inviter)--86W
CS340 (Ovation)--87D
CS340E (Ovation w/ E-start)--87E
ET400TR (Enticer w/long track and reverse)--87L
EX570 (Exciter)--87M
EX570E (Exciter LE E-start)--87N
EX570H (Exciter High Altitude)--87X. this was an attempt by yamaha to deliver an altitude specific sled. first and last try, except below.
EX570HE (Exiter LE, E-start)--87Y. same as above, just had the option.
PZ480 (Phazer ll)--87F. same old pz, finally got a 121 track and some minor other alterations.
PZ480E (Phazer ll E-Start)--87H
SR540 (SRV)--87U
SV125 (Snosport)--87A. snoscootwith a big engine for us grownups. yee-haw!
SV125 (Snosport E-Start)--87B
SV80 (Snoscoot)--86X
SV80E (Snoscoot w/ E-start)--86Y
VK540E (VK540)--87R
XL540 (XL-V)--87K
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