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  • yamadad4 ·
    on the average figure around $300 or less if its a single cylinder issue, obviously more if you find other issues. srx parts seem to always be in high demand, but since you have been on ebay you may have an idea for costs of cylinder and head.

    you will need to dig in to the engine to see what your up against. start by removing the pipes and manifolds and looking into the cylinders to see which one your after to save time. i have also seen the bolts securing the recoill back off and lock the engine up which will lead you in an entirely different direction.

    dig in, evaluate, and decide from there. 98 and 99 will drop right in, if you opt for 2000 and up, you will need the associated wiring harnesses along with some other changes/modifications.
    gbousum ·
    Howdy, hope you are having a great winter. I had a question about a broken down '99 SRX 700. It appears the engine has seized but I have not started tearing it apart to see what all needs work. This sled is my loaner/alteranate sled when my other one is down and I have thought about getting rid of it but now it is worthless. I thought about parting it out, but there is already an awful lot of parts for the 99 SRX on Ebay. I have parted out 2 arctic cats and they did quite well but I am not sure how this sleds parts will sell. I doubt I could sell it around here for anything if it is not running. I have never rebuilt an engine before but I am considering it. I have most of the tools and the Clymer manual as well. Assuming that it needs a top end rebuild, can you give me an idea of how much time and $$$$ this project might require? Would it be possible to put another engine in it? THanks!
    yamadad4 ·
    94 bravo, yes. iffy on an 81 enticer. that one would probably be covered for the most part in a differnent model like the bravo manual from that vintage. there would probably be alot of shared info with the 94. i will research what i have on that.
    rainbro ·
    Hi yamadad4 Last year , you sold me a cd manual for a 99 venture, I recently purchased a 81 enticer 250. would you have a manual for it and a 94 bravo?
    herman700 ·
    i have a 01 srx 700 that lost spark i tested and found that the stator was bad so i got a new one installed and still no spark i have checked the kill swich ,coils , wireing i found bare wire (blue wire) on left side near the cdi box .....
    Collegebudgetri ·
    Wanted to ask if you knew anything about Yamaha 440ss 83' I just bought one and after cleaning the Carb got it to work. now i was wondering if there were biger sized ski's and trac that can be mounted on it?
    86yamahaphazer ·
    Hey yamadad4 i wanted to ask if u can buy a bigger track for a 86 yamaha phazer 480 or if there a better skid i could put it in from a different sled cuz i wanted to get the longtrack for it and cut the back off and make it into a longtrack sled
    richeyb3 ·
    Yamadad4--thanks for the help getting my sled going for the year, had some great rides... prepping it for the summer while I was lubricating all the moving parts I noticed that the guide wheel bearings at the back of my track appears loose and the plastic hub around the bearings appear to have several small cracks... by loose I can see that the pindal is not centered with a noticable gap in the front.. Is this normal? I have to assume this might indicate impending breakdown and disaster on the hill???? Found a set on the web for about $72... X 2. There is also a 3rd wheel on the inside, not sure of its condition... Quesitons-- Should the pair of Guide Wheels be replace? Is this hard to do? Does it require other parts to be replaced as this is done.? Should I also replace the inner wheel to have them all new?
    2004 Yamaha
    SX Mountain
    yamadad4 ·
    anything above clutch engagement that vibrates the bars or the footboards would be considered excessive. a certain amount at idle is acceptable and is the nature of most 2 strokes.

    still havent had the opportunity to corner my "go to" guy for the info due to conflicting schedules. the only other way to confirm would be to measure the run out on the crank. procedure is easily performed with the engine in the sled and proper tools.

    havent forgotten your situation, just havent had an answer for you yet.
    98srx700 ·
    Hey i was wondering what would woukd be considered "excessive vibration" in my handle bars and engine on my srx. Thanks
    momodig ·
    I posted in the forum, but I'd figure I ask you. Is there an easy way to get the fuel/oil lines connected to the carb? I would appear the gas tank is the way (space is to small for me to work) but to remove the gas tank, I'd have to remove the electrical and carb intake, and I think that is way above my skills :(
    yamadad4 ·
    i will be talking with my local dealer tomorrow. i will ask them what protocol is on your situation and report back. there were no stampings to designate to my knowledge for the cranks.
    98srx700 ·
    Hey sorry for asking the same question again but when i tried to get ahold of my local yamaha dealer there incredibly rude and seemed like i shouldnt have been calling them for that and i gave them the VIN and they said they would look into it and never emailed or called back. When i called them 4 days later to see whT was up tjey hung up the phone. So is there anyway i can tell myself if the crankshaft has been welded, is there a stamp on the engine or anything that i could look for? Your help would be greatly appreciated
    gbousum ·
    Good afternoon Yamadad4 and thanks for the help with the steering stem. The '02 viper stem does fit the '99 SRX (even thoughthe part numbers are different). I have a questions about changing hifaxes. I am preparing to change them out on the '99 SRX, and my Clymer manual says to remove the suspension to change the slides. On other machines, I have just pulled the slides off the rails through the track windows and have never removed the suspension to do it. Do I have to remove the suspension to change the slides? If so, would this be a good time to replace the track? Thanks for all your help and happy sledding!
    gbousum ·
    hello sir, I hope your winter has been an enjoyable one! mine certainly has. I was wondering if the steering post from a '02 sx viper would work on my '99 srx? thanks for your help as always!
    rog ·
    I appreciate the help with the oil pump line. I read a post you had written to a guy requesting help with swapping out the rear skid. You had mentioned something about back 4 and down 5/8"? you also gave a tip for raising the front end by swapping the brackets left to right and flipping them upside down. Not only would it give him more clearance, but it was needed in order for the skid to sit properly. You ended your post by saying you had more tips if he needed. I'm going to swap out the rear skid for something with greater travel. either an m10 or an edge rear skid. would a viper rear skid work? I want to get that rear end up. That means I need to also raise the front. I've heard that viper shocks will give more clearance up front. (98 vmax 600) Is there truth to the viper shocks? could i gain 2 or more inches by swapping the brackets and installing viper shocks? Any advice for the rear swap? Thanks in advance
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