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OK I have for sale a AAen Quiet Can exhaust to fit Phazer 1 or 2's.It can be painted to match whatever the buyer wants (Either silver or black hi heat paint).The pipe sells for $300 new and I woudl like to get $150 US or best offer.I knwo that price is steep but it is a hard pipe to find used.It is identical to the Bender trail pipe also,just a different name stamped in the front of it.

Also I am selling a couple cut Y-pipes I have that are ported inside (rough welds taken out) and they drastically improve bottom end power.

Last thing I have for sale for a phazer is a set of trail ported and polished cylinders.More work can be done to them for a higher price also.The cylinders come with no pistons and need to be bored (currently wore out stock size) so hopefully 20 thou over would clean them up.I can however pick up the pistons,get the cylinders bored and send them out for only the extra it costs me for the pistons and machine work.

I am willing to sell this all as one package and that way I woudl add in a set of reed cages (stock reeds) with mildly ported intake rubbers (smoothed out and widened) and possibly a top end gasket set.

BJ White
email me at [email protected] if interested.
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