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I am looking to sell or trade, all of my old snowmobiles, parts, and chassis. I live in Central IL, and snowmobiling in the early 80's was as popular here, as it is today in the parts of the country that still normally see snow. So, needless to say, I have acquired many different sleds for parts, restoration projects, etc. The downside, they are all around 1980 or older. So, what I am looking to trade or sell is the following, listed by best value.

1. 1980 Yamaha SS440. Starts on 3rd pull. New wear bars. Some jackass painted the hood black, so the hood will need new paint to bring it back to factory. Mechanically, a very sound sled. Cosmetically, she's ugly. $600 and she's yours

2. 1984 Safari Grandeluxe. Barn Special. I acquired this sled as an old farmer was cleaning out his barn. It needs, ignition, secondary clutch (I have the part, just need it installed), the carb cleaned, and the fuel tank cleaned. Cosmetically, so so. Mechanically, never put the effort into getting her going so can't answer that. It does have the larger, 447? cc motor in it. $200.00

3. 1978 Arctic Cat Jag 3000. Needs a windshield, and the fuel system cleaned. She runs great, but requires the balance of a trapeze artist to ride. Has a cleated track. $350.00

4. Miscellaneous Parts. I have crankcases, jugs, heads, pipes, carbs, clutches, fuel tanks, skis, tracks, wiring harnesses, etc. to a variety of snowmobiles (mostly ski doos) from the 1978-1980s era. I also have a belly pan and tunnel that are in good condition to a Citation 4500. I have the engine, belly pan, and tunnel to a 1979 Everest 440. I also have a belly chassis to a TNT 340. I will sell all for $350.00

Package deal, $1400.00 or trade for 1 newer sled of equal value.

Call or text 217-370-9171 for more information or [email protected]
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