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Would it be worth it to put an xtra-12 in my trusty old 400? I have a chance to get one for $150. My bro needs my old suspension out of my 400 and he'll give me $75 for it. Therefore, $75 in the 12.
1. What would it do to the front end? Would I have to upgrade the front end too to make it trail worthy? I've heard the 12's can get a bit tippy on the corners.
2. Would the little 400 have enough power? It'll go about 80 right now. I would be happy with 70 or so.
3. Is this a project worth doing or not?
4. Anyone have the proper measurements to bolt it on?

I got the 400 for free a couple years back and I've put a new seat cover, couple of drivetrain bearings , and misc little things. Overall, I have about $200 in the sled and 1800 miles of riding.

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