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Here is a list of the items I need for my 2002 500 Fan MXZ sled has 50 miles on it and was hit and run by another sled. Used parts will be great to reduce my repair cost.

Please complete your price for any item and email so I can review.

1. Looking for seat cover only
2. Rear molding at back of foot rail - left side only but would take the pair if you choose to sell as a pair (Black) #861777800 Left Side
3. Winshield support #517302003 his is the part under the windshield for support.
4. Windshield - #517302022
5. Winshield latch - #570023800 black rubber 8 of them to hold windshield and support in place
6. Air intake grill on left side by dash - 517302025 I need the grill only but if selling as a pair with foam that is ok.
7. Center Console - 517302563 Console only no switches unless you are selling as one unit with toggles and starter switch.
8. Heated shield outlet for heated helmet visor - located on center console.
9. Tether cord have switch need to tether cover that snaps over the kill button on center console.
10. Looking for fan intake on left side of motor that meets with hood vent on upper left side.
11. Head Lamp dual style
12. Stearing U bracket that stearing rod connects to and handle bars mount to, I see it in your picture.
13. Tool Kit Ski-Doo
14. Hootd Hinge my left side hinge is snapped that lets the hood swing up and down.
15. 500 Fan Left side head fins damaged on current unit.
16. 500 Fan Engine cooling cover plastic that goes over top of engine for fan cooling.
17. Black MXZ hood - Please no cracks or damage, already have on damaged hood.

Thank You for Looking

Email - [email protected]
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