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Just Bought a new Polaris Super Sport 550 Fan YAHOO!!!

Ive ridden 2 times once in day once at night. (157 miles)

Now the question.

WHen I bought the sled off the showroom floor it had no tachometer,so I had them install one.Well before I left they came to the conclusion that it wasnt the proper tachometer because it had no light for my PERC reverse. (After it was installed) Although the tach worked fine.They told me it would be just fine If I didnt mind no reverse light.I agreed.But now I wonder if there is a difference in the temp light too (which is in the tach). I noticed at night when I can see when ever I get up around 6000 - 6500 rpms the temp light will start to glow dimmly then fade as the RPM's drop.Is there a difference if this was intended for a liquid cooled machine,Im not sure what actually feeds the temp light electrically and would a liquid cooled machine come on at a lower temp?? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
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