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Hi......I'm new to the forum and haven't owned a snowmobile for about 20 years. Just purchased a 79 Blizzard I saw for sale on the side of the road for $450......just couldn't resist.

I am lookiing for a wiring diagram however. The headlight wasn't working so I took it out. It is the the high/low beam rectangular type with the removable bulb. I took out the bulb and plugged it in and the low beam worked. I switched it to high beam (which was burned out) and then back to low beam and the low beam no longer it did not blow. I haven't purchased a new headlight yet but am assuming that a 3-prong high/low beam retangular car headlight of the same dimensions will work. Any suggestions in this matter is most appreciated.

The tail light doesn't work either and the bulb is in perfect shape. I noted that there is a wire with a 2 bladed plug that comes out from underneath the gas tank. I can only assume that this is the wiring that is routed under the seat that goes to the tail light. This wire plugs into a coupling with an identical wire coming our the other side with an identical plug on the other end. This is unplugged and dangling and the blades inside are a bit corroded which tells me that it hasn't been plugged in in quite awhile. For the life of me I can't figure out where this plugs in to send power to the tail light.

The blade configuration looks like:
| <--top is vertical
- <--bottom is horizontal

Any help with a diagram or suggestions is most appreciated.

Thanks very much,
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