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I am lookin to purchase a 1998 or somewhere in that year zr snowmobile. I was wondering if i should get a 440, 500, 600, or 700. Where I am, in Northern New York, we dont get a whole lot of snow. All that snow we supposably got missed us:( . I was wondering what size to get. I don't know if the weight of the rider matters, but I way about 200 lbs. Which sled you think would be good, and I want to know facts and why? Also, if you think there is another eally good sled, that i can find for under $2000, then let me know.

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THat's a good question and ther are many factors to consider.

1. Weight of rider
2. Terrien you are riding in.
3. How fast your buddy's sleds are.

Here are some answers to these considerations.

1. If you are a heavy rider, a 340 would be not much fun, and 440 may not be either.
200lbs i would recommend 500 or 600cc

2. If you trail ride only, i would suggest a 600cc, short track(121" or 136" tracK) it has enough powerr and speed to cruise on the trails at 50-60mph without really working the sled hard. Where a 440 and some 500 would have a harder time keeping up with your buddies on there 600-700's. If you like to play in the powder, 600 or 700 with at least a 136" deep lug track.

If you are an aggresive rider would would want a 600 700 or 800 with an aggresive suspension. example would be Arctic Cat ZR800
If you just like to cruise leisurely on the trail i would susgest a 500+ dual carbs with 2 up seating. example would be an Arctic Cat Panthera 550.

In the middle of these two would be a trail sled like the Arctic Cat ZL600 with a midrange suspension and plenty of power to have some fun.

3. If you are riding a 440 and all your friends are riding 600's, your 440 will have a hard time keeping up and when they are cruising a 50-60mph you are at about full throttle to keep up, sled works a lot harder and probable won'y last a long. But then again 440 is a good engine.

Over all i would suggest a 600cc sled, they are reliable, plenty of power.

I would also sugest visting Arctic Cat's, Polaris, Yamaha and Ski-Doo's website's and get an idea what sled fall into which categories, etc.

Some sleds i would sugest are The
Arctic Cat Panther 440 DLX Touring
Arctic Cat ZL600 Trail
Panthera 550 Touring
Ski-doo Touring 580
Ski-doo Grand touring
Polaris Indy 500
Polaris Indy 500 Classic
Polaris Indy Trail
Yamaha Venturer 600
Yamaha VMAX 500 or 600

This is just to name a few, there are many more

I hope i was a help.

Good luck


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I forgot to menstion a few things to look for when buying a sled.

1. Find someone you trush who knows snowmobiles and bring them a long when looking a t a sled.

THings to check...

1. Drive axle bearings and suspension bearings are they free wheeling.
2. Consition of the track, any evident wear. tears, etc.
3. Overall condition of the hood, ski's, etc. If the hood is scratched up, give an indication how it was treated. Are the sko's dented up or any dents in the belly pan will also indicated how it was used.
4. Is there a lot of rusty parts on the sled, this will indicated that the sled was stored outside in a damp location.
5. How easy will the sled start. If it is hard to start, it maybe a bad engine, or just needs a carb adjustment.
6. Condition of apolstery?
7. Were there any recalls on thie sled and does it have all the updates.

8. Is the inside of the engine compartment dirty, full of oil. May indicate poor maintenance.

9. Have the carbs ever been removed and cleaned, should be done every year if not every second.

10. Make sure the suspension has been grease, both front and back.

11. Check the springs in the rear suspension, push down on the back of the sled and if it does not spring up very fastm the suspension could be stiff from rust or seak springs.
The front should sring up quickly also.

One more thing to add regarding my first post is to avoid 3 cylinder sleds, reliability is questionable and it hard enough to keep 2 carbs in sync let alone 3. More cyclinder, the more to go wrong. Just my .02

Good luck

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Find a zr700, then pm me with setup info! you won't be dissapointed! by the time the snow flys here this year, i will have mine setup perfectly!
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