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What to get!!?

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I'll be throwin my snopro up on cl sometime in Feb, and this off season ill be lookin for a new sled... I just cant decide what to get! I really thought I was set on an f7, but after doing some reading, im not sure itll be good for my kind of riding..

I want something thats light and easy to throw around.. I do alot of trail riding, most of it pretty twisty. Also do a bit of ditch banging. So for those 2 reasons, I want something light. So for this kind of riding, my snopro is great! Its just whenever we hit a striaght away, I get left behind.. Last time, we were on a trail that was an old railroad, so its straight the whole time, for miles and miles, and if ur doin 70-75 people willl still fly past you.

So I want something that can fit that description.. Light, and will do really good in the twisties, and will be a good ditch banger, yet I still want a top end of 90+.. More important then top end is acceleration tho, I wanna be able to climb to 70 pretty fast. I kno ill be very happy with the power of an f7, but ive just heard they dont do good in the twisties because they like to push and go straight. And reliability is important. I will probably be keeping this sled for at LEAST 4 seasons, probably longer. so I dont want somethin with a ton of problems. I wont mind doing the top end and stuff after about 5k miles, because I do plan on keeping it and want it to last

What should i get? zr 600, f5, f6, f7?

Oh yea, lookin to keep the price at 3grand or under
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ZR or Crossfire.
If i could find a crossfire in the offseason for 3k id jump on it!
crossfire 800 is a sweet sled
Its too bad you live in Michigan...I've been checking craigslist and there are quite a few f7's around here for 3k or even less. Some in mint condition.

2003 arctic cat f7

03 firecat 700

2004 Arctic Cat Firecat F7 Single Owner

2003 F7

2004 f7 sno pro w reverse + bags

Okay, I'm bored of posting good deals :) good luck bud.
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A 02 ZR600 EFI will be light and fast! But if you want power then go to the ZR900!
REV!!!! haha.
I'm not joking when I say that you definitely should get a REV!!!!

They're THE SH*T! If I didn't blow my shock today, I would've been handling twice as good. I figured out that my front preload was light as possible.
I dont wanna have to get all new gear tho lol... I have heard that revs are sick, but in my area, 03s are still goin for 4 grand, wayyy to much... Pretty much im thinkin 02 zr like KC said, or an f7. Even an f6 if I found one for a good deal
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