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What is the Best Touring Snowmobile 2023?

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A touring snowmobile is a type of snowmobile that prioritizes comfort and endurance for long-distance travel, as opposed to high-performance snowmobiles that are designed for speed and agility. The wider ski stance and longer track of touring snowmobiles provide better stability and handling on groomed trails.
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I think the Skidoo Grand Tourings are top notch. If you want a little more float for deeper snow, the Expedition is a good choice.
And SHOULD have THE BEST Motor

Just look over the Years at THE Pantera

Always has been the Best of the Best
Another vote for the Grand Touring with an ACE motor. Mine is real comfortable in all conditions. I have a 600 engine and get between 20 and 30 mpg while trail riding. No expensive 2 stroke oil or motor rebuilds. The 900 ACE will give you more zip. That is what the touring company uses where I ride. They run their sleds to over 10K miles before they sell them for new ones.
I myself have been waiting for the 8000 Pantera
Back in 2016 they did make the 6000
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