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Snow snow snow.
Trails were fair to excellant. We stayed outside of White Pine and hit the trails Thursday night with very little disapointment. Friday we mad a huge loop from White Pine up to the Porcupine Mountain Lookout then over to Twin Lakes back down to Bergland up to Whie Pine. Trails had plenty of snow, but corners were VERY icey (BE CAREFULL!) Not much of a base covering up the new years rain/sleet. Towards mid day friday traffic picked up and the mogals became huge (1-2ft) and very abundant. Friday night my Kidneys & back were a bit swore.
Saturday morning we decided to trailer up to Twin Lakes check out the 30 inches of snow they got during the week and attempt to do the "Loop." Got as far as Houghton & turned around. Trails had plenty of snow but traffic was horrible! Couldn't go 1/2 mile with out seeing a group of 15 sleds or more. Trails were shot by 10 am tops... We ate a early lunch in Houghton & headed back towards Twin Lakes and did the trail 13 loop. 13 was in great shape, little traffic & couple of power line stops to play. Overall they have the snow, just way too much traffic to keep the trails in decent shape.
South of Bergland can use a good 6 inches or more. Couple of dirt spots, tree stumps and rocks still poking through on the trails.
Hopefully over this week with cold temps & a little more snow they can get a good base down. I recomend if you head up hit the trails very very early call it a day by noon & head back out after 10pm and catch some of the goomers in action. If the weather patern continues every one & their mother will be trailering to where the snow is, and its onlu out west & the U.P...
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