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I know I am new to the board, but here is a quick story on a fix that we recently did on a 89 Wildcat that MIGHT transfer over to other sleds:

I recently picked up a 89 Wildcat 650 that used to be a race sled. A friend picked it up after the reeds got toasted and it was wrecked. He went through the majority of it and never could get it to run right. He took it to various dealer/shops with the "bible" and no one could figure out why it wouldn't run right. He kinda gave up on it and sold it to me for CHEAP.

The first thing I did was get the bad gas out, the carbs cleaned up and sync'd. I had to replace the radiator hoses due to a mouse damage (found his dead body under the secondary clutch) and age. NOTE: I was able to do this using TWO vehicle hoses and one adapter for under $23. I can get the numbers IF anyone needs them.

Well, we went over to a friends house to take it for a beat lap. BUT, the silly thing would bog, sputter, wheez, hardly idle etc. and then launch you around 6k RPM's. We sat around trying to figure out what was going on, checking wires, etc. Then, someone said, "You know, the coil isn't grounded and is mounted into plastic. Don't they need to have a proper ground?". (Yeah, I know...why didn't someone else notice it prior and why didn't we right off the bat, oh well. You're dealing with a owner (me) is a VERY new to the sport, two Polaris guys and various Yamanha guys)

We rigged up a ground to the speedo mounting bracket and MAN did that make a difference! It would idle and is flat out zippy on take off! Later, we ran it to the brown wire in the wire loom (ground for the hand warmers, etc.) and it was still running strong (though I have not take it out for a beat lap).

Anyway, thought I would post to possibly help anyone who might be having a bog problem off the line that this fix will help.

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