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Looking for the following parts that fit a 1976 Skidoo Olympic Plus 440 snowmobile.
Screw in exhaust sockets
Y pipe manifold:
This is the small fan 440 engine (type 434), not the large fan (type 440) engine.
The screw in exhaust sockets attach to the cylinders. They are approx 1.75 inch diameter. The Y pipe attaches to the exhaust socket (6.0 inch center to center on the Y pipe inlets). The end of the Y pipe curves to the right as shown in the photo, it is not straight. Note: The 300 and 340 Y manifolds will NOT fit the small fan 440 engine, as the cylinders are wider on the 440. Center to center on the pipe inlet is 6.0 inches, see 3rd photo. Thanks Chris


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