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vmax 600 opportunity

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alright, i just talked to a guy who has a motor for my sled that im having cooling leaking problems with.

he has an engine that runs great, lower miles and a seat( i need one, mines ripped bad)

and he would sell them for 150$

because i would be 60$ down buying gaskets anyway, and thats not a sure fix, i think this is worth it for sure, and all the spare parts

my question is!

the engine is out of a 94, my sled is a 95, are they the same, ive looked and I was unsuccessful
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I think the '94 had primary clutch issues, which were solved in '95. You could take the clutch off the other motor, and put it into this one. You would need a puller though, but since you have the other clutch anyway just leave it until it breaks, then replace it with the other clutch. $90 dollars for a seat isn't bad, and you could have your old motor as a spare.
exactly what i was thinking, having the parts alone would be worth somthing, i heard somthing about a clutch issue that was resolved in 95, thats why i started this thread, thanks alot

very helpful
no problem.
its a direct bolt in. plug and play on all the wiring. you will have to align the clutches and set the center to center.
you say align the clutches, but the engine mounts are fixed arnt they?

or do they have slides for adjustment?

either way, how would i align them, because you probably know, and i dont and i miswell ask now vs later

You will have to slide the engine around to get the proper alignment.
alright, but, how close does it have to be, any techniques?

or just get it so the belt sits in there right?
There are specs you have to follow, or it will not preform.
alright, were could i find these specs? ill check the how to, seconds

but do you know them, or were to find them?

thanks a lot!
in case you havent deduced this on your own, some people are more experienced and have valuable knowledge to lead you in a positive direction while others seem to spew random rhetoric based on absolutely no first hand experience.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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