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Hey I have a few questions for anyone who may have answers. I have 1976 440 T'NT I am fixing up(it was given to me) and I don't have much experience with sleds.

1.)There are 2 line the come down of the top of my carb, I think that they should connect and then run to the gas tank return? I have a Mikuni carb.

2.)I bought new spark plug wires as there were none on the machine when I got it. My question is when I plug the wires into the coils do I need to strip them at all or just push them in?

3.)I don't have an air silencer for the machine and I want to just by one of those cone filters but they say I need to re-jet. I will be running in temperatures from about -5 C to -30 C what jet should I use.

4.)It is still around 6C here, is it bad if I start the engine and what not, do I risk a too lean condition or would it be too rich?

5.)Last, when test running the engine, is it bad to do so with out a drive belt on?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to anyone who can help me out!


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NO, DONT run it without the belt, you'll over rev it and chance blowing the motor.
The belt helps control the RPM's, besides the drive thats what a clutch is for.

now with that out of the way.

1 - one is for gas feed from the fuel pump (then to tank)
and the other is an overflow for the floats.

2- just make sure you have a square straight end and screw
( most have a threaded tap) or push it in. no wire stripping.

3- if you have the stock exhaust use the cone (but try to get a bigger one at least 4'' round, not one of the small ones,
if you notice a performance differance just go UP 1 size on
the jet.
your lucky you have a Mikuni carb and not one of those Damn

4 - its alright to run it to check the work you did or up grades, just dont run it too long. even though it has a fan it still needs cold temps to run.

5 - Like I said before, DONT run without a belt

Hope this helps.
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