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Titanium Chassis

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So my buddy just bought a sled of Craigslist that is a Diamond S snowmobile.

The company and the guy is incredibly hard to get a hold of, and time is ticking so we are turning elsewhere. Sled drags are the 15th of this month and we are trying to get things ready. Anywho,

this sled be bought has a crack on one of the foot rail/floorboard things (specific term?). Anyways, from under our understanding there are four different types of titanium or titanium alloys out there to weld on. When you tig it, it needs its own specific rod.

Does anyone have any idea what specific type of titanium a sled chassis would be?

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Im going to bump this before It drops off the page!
Hopefully this guy gets some help! Free bump.
Maybe check a welding forum?
Found this link, hope it helps.

Welding Titanium Tips and Tricks
Cant say I know much about the manufacturer but I do work in the metals business you are correct that you need to know the specific metalurgical breakdown of the titanium to know what filler rod to use. If you dont have any luck getting these specs from the manufacturer then you need to have it tested. What area are you in? some weld shops have a spectrometer as do many larger scrap yards. I deal with many facilities east of the Mississippi so if you are in this part of the country I may be able to hook you up with someone that has a handheld spectro gun they wont lend it out but if you could get the sled to them they could shoot it and tell you what the break down is.
Hey, thanks!

Ive been exploring this alot, and I have tried a welding forum and my local jeepforum. If you guys are interested here are those threads

Welding Titanium - WeldingWeb™ - Welding forum for pros and enthusiasts

Jwald; that is a very helpful link, thanks for the find.

Jerry; appreciate the offer but I couldnt be any farther away from you. Washington state here. Thanks for the info and I will keep an open eye for that thing though.
Why would they make the chassis out of Titanium? Alum is softer, not as strong and maybe lighter. Obvously it isn't as strong, I've never cracked a running board! Bend a few time to time!
Why wouldnt you want to? Its stronger and lighter than chromolly. Aluminum is weak and soft in my personal opinon. But I dont know much about sleds.

Ill get pics of this sled today, though
Well like I said I've never broken a set of running boards!
I want pictures!

That would be a VERY expensive chassis!!!
Working on it. Havent been out in a few days! Ill try to make a point to go out tomorrow.
I managed to get a few :)

Titanium Chassis

Sled collection with one hiddin (titanium chassis) in the left top corner and the 400HP Apex pictured below

This Apex was built by these guys and can be seen in video # 4

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And for the record, these are whats broke on the titanium chassis

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Woh...that is hardcore man. Nice collection! Lets see some specs on whats inside that batman like matte black hood :)
Im not sure whats going in it yet. The motor that came with it had a hole somewhere that could get fixed but the problem was that it needed a part that only a few machine shops in the US can make, and the one that did make it wouldnt make only one we needed to buy at least 25.

Sorry for the vagueness, I forget what the problems were with it, I dont know all the super technical stuff. Ill get info today on whats in it
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