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Hey all I'm looking for a set of 14" off road tires for my Mini truck
91 Suzuki Carry!
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If it doesn't see much road use, maybe something for a side-by-side?

There is only a couple of good options for 14" radials, I'm sure it's even worse for an off-road tire!
Yes CanAm use 14"
I have seen some on Craigs List
But they are Not front and rears?
What's the stock tread width and sidewall aspect ratio?

BFG makes Mud Terrains in 14" utv sizes, but they're still pretty tall with a minimum 27" od:
The problem with ATV tires is that they are not DOT rated for travel on the highways. That may or may not be an issue, but something to consider...
I have DOT tires
Mow I am looking for like 26 28" tall
but like 6" wide up front and 8 -12 rears!
I had been using my 4 wheeler tires but changed the bolt pattern
OK what I found is the Can Am uses 27 - 14"
But used they want $500
So I began the search
25" tall are all 12" rims!
I found a full set 4 tires NEW shipped!
26 x 9 -14 26 x 11 -14 $290!
And now these for $230! for a new set of 4!
Less than half of what they wanted used!
It really pays to look around!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts