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I took my Polaris 550 Transport out for the first time this year. I had run it previously for about 5 minutes before shutting it off. This time I let it warm up for about 5-10 minutes total before heading out. Started off slow (under 30km/h) until I got out of town then slowly pushed the speed up to about 70km/h. As I was going I noticed the engine started to feel a little off so I slowed down and as I came to a stop the engine died as soon as I stopped giving it gas. I had been driving for a total of about 10 minutes at this point. I went to pull it and the sled just rolled back. I checked the clutches and the primary had a small bit of slack but wouldn't turn freely. I puled the spark plugs and worked the primary back and forth a bit until it started turning fully again. Once it was turning I put the plugs back in and finally got it started but was running real rough. I kept the throttle engaged and sat there at low idle for about 3 minutes until the engine smoothed out again. Once it smoothed out I drove it home keeping the speeds lower. I got home without any other problems. Parked it and checked that it would still turn over before covering it back up.
I don't want to take it out again until I can figure out what happened. I have lots of oil, and let it warm up well before heading out. It is -35C today but my machine is tuned for this weather.

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