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My 06 Summit 550 fan died this morning (like turning off the key) while on a groomed trail. It was raining with wet deep snow, but been there before with no problems. I let it sit for 15 minutes and tried to start and after several pulls it started. I went about 1 mile and died again. Sat for 10 minutes, pulled several times, started and went another mile and died again. I was able to limp home this way with it dieing after one-half to one mile about 6 times. The last time, it would barely run and only on one cylinder.

It did have old gas in it (about 2 gallons) but topped it off with fresh gas before the ride. I rode it the day before 20 miles without missing a beat (in colder weather). This day I got about 15 miles into the ride and that is when it died the first time. Like I said, was cruising along at about 35 mph, and shut down like turning off the key, no backfire, no sputtering (until the last startup), just quit.

Seems to be related to getting at normal operating temperature and like it has some kind of auto shutoff as if it were overheating. Did not seem to be overheating though (no hot odor). I did notice the last time I started it up some black sooty stuff came out onto the snow when it sort of backfired/sputtered.

Any ideas on this? I have not had a chance to pull the plugs. If you think it is water in the gas, should I drain the tank, and if so how do I do that (siphon?).

Thanks for any help you may have. The snowmobile has about 800 easy miles on it. Well maintained but I have never changed the plugs.
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