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Last year I purchased a 1996 Ski-doo MXZ 440. I knew it had recent engine work done on it but it had a good 50 miles on it since the engine had been worked on. Anyway, the first ride I got no more than 15 miles on it and the engine fried (I am playing on your sympathy here - but this really did happen). We trailered 4 hours because there was no snow except in Isabella, MN and rode for about 20 minutes and the crank journals started to separate and it was time to hook up the old tow strap and load them up and drive 4 hours back home.

Anyway, I am looking for a complete engine (no carbs needed though) for my sled. I'd like to find another 1996 440 LC RAVE but would settle for a 583 LC RAVE with the primary clutch still attached (I am told that the taper on the crankshaft is different between the 440 and 583).

I know someone is sitting on a 440 for me out there, right?!?



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