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fun weekend of racing, all and all wasnt too bad.

after several hours of test and tune friday with clutching and carbs, finally committed to the set ups for saturdays race.

the old man knocked them out all day in the 700 stock mtn class with the viper only to lose traction in the finals to settle for a second place finish for the day on that sled. 6 seconds in 500 feet is a rush you have to experience on your own.

after some confusion on behalf of the scorekeepers who apparently like to transpose numbers, i was allowed to come back through the losers bracket in the 700 modified class on my piped mtn max after putting most of the field behind me throughout the day. ended up with a third place score in that class, beat most of them twice to get there. made for some intense fun.

best part was my youngest(now 14) clearing the field in the junior class to walk away with the first place trophy on the 600 mtn max. proud day in parenthood.

great racing, well ran for the most part, would like to tip my hat to all the volunteers and there efforts to make it all possible, not to mention the honest ones that came forward on my behalf after i had put them on the trailer to re-run them into the finals.
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