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Last year we decided to go new, I've had many older sleds and wanted a bit of trouble free riding. Plus I really wanted to get the Pro ride suspension and is it worth it, they both ride great once you tune in the springs for your riding weight and how you like to ride.

The orange and black one is an 800 and the red and silver one is a 600, and in between them we have the 500 SPXC that our kids ride. So far I have just changed out the headlights on the 800 to have HID, I will be installing them in the 600 in the next couple weeks. The only issue I have had with the kit was that at idle the lights sometimes flicker, I'm assuming due to lack of voltage. We got the decals installed at the dealer, they are options right from Polaris and I think they look pretty good.

I took the sleds out of the shop this past weekend and cleaned them all up, now we just have to wait for the snow.


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