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Guys -

I am interested in buying a used Polaris RMK and would like to know if there are any really good years, bad years, etc. I am looking for a used sled in the under 3K range - so brand new is not really an option for me. I'm thinking about a 2000 Polaris 700 RMK but I'm also open to other opinions on sleds - as I really know nothing about them. I would like to find a year / model that guys consider to be a solid sled.

I live outside of Kalispell, MT and I do a lot of cat hunting on the weekends. I have been driving a '96 polaris indy trail pulling a dog sled - with my one armed indian cat hunting buddy riding as the musher on the dog sled. I'd like to get my own sled to ride on the chase - as my buddys has relatively zero braking ability and I tend to get it stuck going up hills.

I'm looking for a sled that I can use on logging roads and wherever our dogs go. Now - generally cats don't go up avalanch chutes - so I'm not looking for a sled that can go up this type of terrain. More of a utility type of sled with the ability to go places in the woods.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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