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Sled is a 98 XLT SPECIAL with Xtra 10. I bought the sled this year and it handled like crap.. Suspension was Cranked Tight,... had almost no flex at all.

I'm getting the kinks worked out and its riding much better.

My Question is... The Front Shock on the rear suspension has 2 upper mounting holes... its currently in the lower hole. If I changed it to the Upper hole... how would that effect the ride? Harsher? Softer? Increase or decrease traction?

I love the sled... it has 2900 miles on it... I don't believe anybody ever took the time to tune the suspension and it shows... its getting better... but still working on it.

I'm 210 lbs... fairly aggressive trail rider... Have rear springs set on Med.. FRSS set for trail use... Damp adjust on rear shock set at 1.5 turns in. Front springs?shock are set at about 3/8in up.

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