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I am going to participate in a one lunger race this winter. I purchased a well running stock 1980 enticer for this endeavor. What do I need to add to this machine so that I can run the race. Mind you I do not have to set it up to win the thing, but just be basically competitive or at least finish it. Here are a few of My questions:

1. I know I need to add carbides and studs but how many studs and what pattern? I was told only about 35 or so studs and to put a few on the outside edges of the track. I also know they only allowed to be 1/2 longer than the lugs. The track is old so I know the stud will have to be less than an inch long. Any recommendations on placing, and type would be great.

2. Along with studs, do I need to add tunnel protectors? Could I just mount some Hyfax on the underside of the tunnel?

3. Should I replace all cables (break, Throttle, choke?) They work, but That would be the shits to break one and that would be what puts me out of the race.

4. Any other areas or lists of what I should re-enforce, enlarge, tighten, change, etc?

5. Is there any sites out there that have good info on how to set these things up for racing? For the popularity of the sport, it seems like there is little info out there on helping the regular guy set one up to race.

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