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Just putting this out there so you guys don't have your sleds layed up for too long waiting for the wrong parts to arrive.

SPX/Gamma sales has listed the part number for RX1 brake pads in there new 2011 Catalogue as the wrong part number. After some frustration locating the proper pads at various local dealers and getting the wrong ones (over 3 trips to town and 3 weeks ordering parts), I have learned that the parts dealers "2011 Gamma Parts catalogue" has a misprint and lists on page 624, a Yamaha RX1 takes pads 613-8037, wrong,,, RX1 should really use a 613-8036, Ive just installed them and they are the proper ones.

If you need further proof, look for yourself at the pictures and parts diagrams:
Gamma sales catalogue online (page 620 & 624)----> Welcome to Gamma Sales Inc. Your Powersports Parts & Accessories Distributor
Yamaha Parts catalogue online ---> YAMAHA MOTOR CANADA | Parts Catalogue

Thanks and Happy Sledding!!
P.S. I'm not sure if Gamma sales supplies just Canada or the USA too??
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