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I have a Polaris RMK 700 made is 6/13/1997. I got the sled with the engine half way apart and one bad cylinder. So I found a good used engine on Ebay and now i'm trying to swap the good one in.
My question is why is the oil injection system different? Original oil injection system had three outputs and new engine has four.
I know two go to the end crank bearing and the other two go to each cylinder.
Big question is...
Do the two for each cylinder just go from the pump to the side of the reed cage?
Is the engine I got on Ebay a newer design? Will my original carbs still be compatible? The wiring look to be the same. There was a yellow wire that I had to cut to get the old engine out. I see a yellow wire going to a connector. Do i just soder them together? I bought a shop manual but it doesn't have detailed info.
Any help would be greatly Appreciated!!
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