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Resto - 97 AC EXT 600 Triple

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Hi Guys, new to the forum. Will be getting a 1997 AC EXT 600 triple, 2.6k miles.

Sled ran last time it was put away a couple years ago. Will drain tank, replace gas, clean carbs, check boots, and refill with fresh gas. Along with some cosmetic work to get back that shine.
What other advice do you guys have for restoring an old sled back to its former glory?

I'll post some pics and progress along the way into this thread.
New to snowmobiling, looking forward to joining the club.
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I would also pull and clean both the primary and secondary, check the thickness of the hyfax, grease the front and rear suspension, check all the bogey wheels for bad bearings, and check the wear bars on the skis. Add new plugs while you're at it :)

Welcome to the forum!
Replace the primary and secondary springs as well with 2.6k in mileage. New secondary buttons if it has them. Now would be the time to do a clutch kit of some sort as well if you are interested in it. KC probably has a good setup recommendation otherwise SLP, EPI, Goodwin are good companies to use when doing that.
Start with replacing all the fuel lines including the pick up in tank!
At least clean the fuel pump
Remove the plugs and shoot a bit of WD40 in each before you pull it over.
Go threw the suspension and grease as well as replace bearings as needed
Personally I would pull motor apart and replace the pistons and seals
might seem a little extreme but I would pull the motor like kkats said,, fuel and oil lines ,carb clean,,, go thru the skid ,, service the chain case , hyfax and carbides , , service the clutches , replace the belt,,swap out the coolant when the motors out , then give it one hell ova detail job,, should have that ready by winter if you start now , congrats,, forgot rebuild the shocks or replace
No mater what all you do to this the first 10 minutes of run time may destroy your PTO piston!
Remember this motor is at least 26 years old and how long have the seals been dry?
Pistons for that and seals would only be about 250?
Hi Guys - Thx for the input, this is just what I was looking for. I'll read up and post some pics once I get it in.
Looking forward to making some progress, I'll keep you posted.

kccats - recommend a going thru seals or running 50:1 on the first tank?
way more than that
Case porting
Turn heads
V Force reeds
Carb soaking
Then there is the clutching!
And there is alot to be done with suspension
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