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so i niked my knuckles lost the spring and got mad brainstormed and this is what i came up with in the end

1. remove old rope

2.drill hole (reffer to image for location in red)

3. connect spring end no 1. to the plastic recoil wheel (reffer to image for location in green but on reverse side of wheel)

4.spin wheel with drill bits smooth end in red hole till it is tight and install washer and nut/bolt remove the drill bit when the spring is tight and wheel is secured and it will set the spring in its locked positon on its own.

5. turn wheel to make sure its tight and install rope thru the wheel then the case duct tape works to make the tip thin by twisting the tape while its connected to rope

reinstall the case on sled pull rope and go for a ride! hope this helps and you understand the way i explain it


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