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Hello Gents...

I recently purchased a RXL 650 FI that doesn't run. Body seems in good condition, but the thing didn't run.

The guy I bought it from jimmyrigged the ignition switch and just about everything else electrical so I'm trying to fix what he's screwed up. He suspected a bad fuel pump causing the no-start condition.

We (my friend and I) crimped off the fuel line to test the Fuel Pressure Regulator, and she fired right up. I've ordered a whole new fuel rail, FPR, Fuel pump, and ECM off Ebay (it was a package deal).

Basically, I paid $500 for the sled...$300 for additional FI parts totalling $800. Is this reasonable for a sled like this?

Also, what can I expect to pay for an ignition switch?

In addition, what else can I do to get some extra cheap power outta this badboy? (my bud has a Indy 500 and I want to spank him good).



EDIT: The sled also has fox shocks on the front and a fatboy shock in back I guess. Friend says it's an Xtra 12 suspension...? Is this any good, and if so what for? I'm not too experienced of a rider, but I rode his 500 indy for 2 winters now, and haven't been able to sample diff parts/suspensions etc...
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