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Hello, I recently got psi twin pipes that came off of an 03 Polaris Liberty 700 (not sure if it was a VES). Now I now that the bolt patterens are different but I mocked them up on an 01 500 VES (useing 2 bolts) and it ran amazingly. My plan is to make my own flange to convert the small block bolt pattern to the big block bolt pattern, while keeping it as short as posible to prevent fitment issues. Does anyone think it would work, and will it need to be rejetted? If so by how much? What was needed to be done for the 700 back then
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? (Also if your wondering, I didn't buy them for performance, I bought them for the sound, and if I ever get a 700 or 800. It sounds weird but I'm not aloud to have anything above a 500 becuase of my parents, so I'm doing bolt on mods that can be transferred to a higher perfromance sled.). So any and all information and/or help about them would be great. Thanks!

Here's some pictures of them in my sled...
I also have a video of it running if anyone is interested.
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