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I have done extensive testing and everything leads back to the ECU Being bad!!!

The first ecu would would start and run fine once in awhile but most of the time it would flood the ski out and kick the fuel pump on and off over and over and then once in awhile keep the fuel pump running even if you turned the key off!! I had to disconnect the battery.

The 2nd one was a good used one from a polaris snowmobile slavage yard that came off of a running ski

I started the ski up with the 2nd ecu and it ran great for a few minutes then I bleeped the throttle a couple of times and the ski totally died. now it is blinking codes 22 and 23 which is middle and pto side injectors.

My Question is what could be taking out the ECU? Or do you think it just so happens that both ECUs just went bad on there own? I just don't want to keep buying ecus only for them to go bad

Test I did include:

fuel pressure is 36 psi
engine compression is 120psi in all 3 cylinders
engine has good spark
the fuel pump turns on and runs when grounding the pink wire
relays are good
the resistance of injectors test good
all grounds are good
I have 12 volts at all 3 injector wires going into ecu
when jumping 3 injectors to ground they all click
when jumping injectors and pump to ground they all 3 spray fuel
resistance from battery positive to 3 injector wires at ecu is within spec with negative cable disconnected
engine trys to start on the one cylinder thats not throwing the injector code
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