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well, the indy trail has a 485 fan cooled engine with like 50-60 hp, maybe 48, anyway. It is a good trasil machine and light powder is fun as well, but untill one gets used to it, i mean really used to it, deeper powder can be a challenge. This is because it doesnt have instinatiouse power like a liquid does and the track has small paddles. They are extreamly reliable sleds. Cobra, the sites admin, has a trail touring that has 7000 miles on it and he just replaced the chain for 80 bucks. thats it. Over all, the trail is a great sled and can go through the powder if handled right. Just got to keep on the gass and power through it, if ya are easy on the gas in powder, it is easy to get stuck, but if ya get stuck, hit the brakes so as not to dig your self further in. Also, if powder riding is somthing you are going to be doing alot of, get a liquid because the fan will work really hard and over heat where as the liquid is cooled by all the deep snow you are going through.

Also the indy trail in cold weather, like 10 degrees on hard pack will top out at anywhere from 60-80 on the very high end. in the powder, like 2 inches, it tops out at maybe55-65 depending.

hope this helped a lil bit, any other questions, hit me back

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