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Polaris 600

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How i can adjust my choke on my, 2000 touring 600 It is my firt time whit a flat carburator type

Need info please!!!

thank you
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The choke lever activates a cable that goes to a bracket between the carbs. To adjust the cable, you need to loosen the two locknuts on the adjuster and turn the adjuster until there is 1/8" to 1/4" of slack from the choke lever to the nut. Retighten the locknuts. One adjuster does both carbs.
Thank you,

if I need to hold the throttle for starting what that mean?
It means it's a Polaris. All my Edge sleds did it, and my 06 carb does it. On some of the rack Mikunis, there's an air screw and a fuel screw. If yours has that, you may want to try going out on the air screw to give the idle mix more air. Some guys have gone to a size smaller pilot jet too.

On some of the other Mikuni rack, instead of an air screw to meter the airflow to the pilot jet, there is an additional air jet that mounts in the carb intake. I went from a stock 0.6 air jet to an 0.8 air jet to see if that will help on mine. If it ever snows again, I'll let you know how it went. I wanted to go to a 1.0 (bigger numbers flow more air to the pilot jet, making the air/fuel leaner at idle), but I couldn't find a supplier for the air jet (long) part. I did find 1.0 jets, but they are short and won't work. I also now know the part number for the air jet and can order them from Polaris, but they are 8 bucks ea. I'm cheap, if the 0.8 makes it better but not perfect, I may pop for the 1.0 jets.
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