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The season is upon us and most of the trails in the Rockabema system are groomed and ready to ride. There are some major re-routes for this season so be prepared for a long-winded report.
First, is the new Its 85 trail up the river road and sherman lumber road from the 83/85 junction a couple of miles east of Whetstone bridge. This was opened in order to siphon off some of the heavy traffic problems we have had in this area. The old its 85 trail further east from Whetstone will be designated 85A for this season and will hopefully handle traffic going in to the Bowlin, Matagamon and Shin Pond area from Sherman Benedicta, and Patten. Both of these trails will be completely seperate from each other. Both trails have been groomed and, with good snow cover and the upcoming cold weather, they promise to be good riding.
Connecting trail 112 (big sebois connector) from Patten to 85A is flat as a flounder.
Caution; logging is ongoing near the 85A/112 junction. Please stay right and give all equipment including trucks the right of way.SLOW DOWN!
Its 81 from Sherman Station north to Patten has been groomed once and will be done again thursday morning, Its 81 from Patten north to Shin Pond and beyond to the junction of the camp Violet rd is groomed and ready.
This year, due to logging on the Lane Brook road, we will be designating the Snowshoe road as 81/85 north to the junction with the Camp Violet rd where we meet Oxbow.
The section of the Lane Brook road that is not plowed will be groomed to access our club trail 62 and Smoki Haulers connector trail 114. Any plowed roads encountered in this region will have LARGE trucks on them so be careful. Stay extremely right and once again, SLOW DOWN.
Connector trail 112 from Patten, east to Island Falls is not open at this time. We hope to be able to repair some summer washouts and have it ready for this weekend. Ride on.

Steve Crouse/Trailmaster, Rockabema Sno Rangers
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