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I recently picked up a 95 VMAX 500. When I got it the taillight worked but dash/headlights did not. I bought a replacement regulator and put it in, now the taillights won’t work either. Put the old one back in, still nothing.

the harness into the regulator isn’t going in all the way so it clips, stops just barely short. could that do it?

Looking at the wiring, it looks someone connected blue and white wires coming from dash, and then there’s an extra blue just dangling.

also an extra harness by the re

See pics.

Any guidance? I checked the harnesses at the cowl hinge as I guess they can corrode but they look ok.


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Looks like someone tried to (IMO) hack in hand warmers
Try a shot of WD40 on plug
Check under the seat where the tail light wire runs it may be damaged?
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