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Newbie with 2001 SXR 500 doesn't run properly.

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Hi, new here. I have a 2001 SXR 500 (5k miles motor never tore down) that runs flawlessly... except every now and again when you come to a stop and then try to take off again it will just sit there and blurrble going up to about 3 grand and doing nothing else. If you let off the gas and let it go down to a slow idle and then punch it, it will run flawlessly again. It is very repeatable.

About 1 year ago it did the same thing on the trail. Put in new plugs and it seemed to solve the problem. Now a year later I put in new plugs and does the same exact thing. It isn't all the time, but it seems to be happening more and more now.

Any ideas?
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Maybe I should have provided more on this... i was hoping it was a common problem and someone would just say do this __________________.

I'm not sure to look at electrical or fuel. Since once it idles all the way down it ALWAYS without fail will run excellent. Just like it should. It never stutters or loses HP when riding at any sort of pace. It only fails when you stop or slow down and the revs drop low (but not all the way to idle) and then you try to get on the gas.

It isn't every time and I haven't had enough riding time this year to say if its better or worse when cold or warm or if it always fails. The only consistent thing is that it will always run perfectly again if you let it idle right down and then try again.

When it fails it will bounce around the 3k rpm mark but never get above it. It could be running just on one and then when it idles down it picks up the other cylinder.

The only thing someone said is I could have a float sticking... but I just think letting it idle would make that worse, woudln't it?

I am kinda stumped.
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Sounds like a clogged pilot jet. Have you cleaned your carbs?
I haven't yet. I thought about that, but when it idles it idles fine... isn't that what the pilot jet does? [I'm not saying you are wrong, just trying to grasp everything in my head before I go tearing into it.]
sounds to me like the TORS is activating. dead giveaway is the fact that it wont go over 3000 rpm. that precisely the set number for tors.

either the throttle cable freeplay is incorrectly set or there is something sticking/binding with the cables or carbs.
OK, I just did some googling... I had never heard of the Throttle Override System.

Would you suggest I try to remove it or simply look for issues with the cables. If its easy to remove and it serves no real purpose that seems like a good way to go.

This sled is 100% stock and has never been touched... just oil and gas. Cables have never been adjusted.
i did a post concerning the tors a while back in this section. see if you can find it.

simple to bypasss, although i recommend that option only for troubleshooting as it is a safety feature. normally its a simple adjustment to correct.

let me know if you need more information.
Just so you know, you nailed it. That was exactly what the problem was. Thanks again.
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