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Howdy, Well, I bought a new sled, so know we have five..... I love our set up for our four place trailer, which is an Aluma V nose trailer with a tall Snocap (SnoCap Trailer Enclosure Models | Canvasworks - Minnesota) on it. Love having the lightweight covered trailer, and I can stand up in it......
So, now I am thinking of getting a two place trailer, and leaning towards another a Aluma trailer and a Snocap on it. But not sure I need a V nose, since all of our newer sleds have reverse. Tons of riders around here have snow decks on their trucks, so I assume they just use reverse.

Storing the new trailer is going to be interesting, so I thought not getting a V nose would shorten the trailer a bit, but worried about getting a trailer without the front slush shield to protect the fabric of the Snocap. I looked at a few of the covered trailers that have a shell that lifts up, but I really like getting inside the trailer when the weather sucks, and getting work done on them, which has been handy with our four place trailer. The big enclosed trailers seem out of my budget.
So, the question is, do I really need a V nose trailer? Any experience with small two place trailers? The two sleds that will live on the trailer is a 151 and 146.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Sound familiar.
I have a 29' V nose that is 7' tall, I have a complete work shop!
I have a 24' x 8.5' alum open.
I have already narrowed my 16' to 5' wide (mowers)
I am making an inline 2 place enclosed!
I am going to shrink the 24 to 4.5' wide
I have already spoken with Snow Caps
They quoted me $3500 to build an alum frame
The hole thing will just raise up in the back
My Pantaras will Live in it!
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