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I am new to this and new to the hobby. Just bought a 91 arctic cat ext 550 special. Just need to get her running. Carbs are removed but intact, plugs are fouled with oil and the thing has 7000 miles on it. Paid a hundred dollars and got a service manual right away! Never been wrecked bad but think the windshield is missing due to a possible gentle rollover... really clean other than that.. I live in Mchenry county and need to find parts, preferably on the cheap!!!
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Start by cleanning the carbs! Then spray some WD40 in the plug holes and spin it over! Then do a compression test @WOT. What parts do you need? KB is just up in Ft Atkins Wi.
That is very strange. I could have sworn I replied to this thread yesterday!

Anyway, welcome to the forum!
Thanks " kccats" for the input! Please explain what you mean by compression test at wide open throttle. Hope you just meant ride it like crazy! Anyway, I have been through it a bit since last post and need a pipe, 2 airbox/carb boots, and needles n seats for both. Also need a right side plastic ski because the very tip snapped. Ill be rebuilding carbs over the weekend. Wish me luck! I love this Clymer repair manual!!!
Where do I find your response from yesterday? Sorry, im just new to discussion forums altogether. I may have posted same thing twice... my bad. Looking for your response, can't find it. I lime the idea that enthusiasts can all come together on things here! Pretty cool.
welcome to the forum and welcome to the pride. you can pick up a compretion tester and your local auto parts store, it measures the cylinder compretion to test for piston and ring failure, compretion is tested at wide open trothle (WOT) there around 50$ and a must have for snowmobile owners,
Congrats on the buy and welcome! Just as Kccats said and getting fresh gas, new spark plugs, and cleaning things up you'll be on the right track.(no pun intended)
Getting ready to order carb rebuild kits when I noticed a hole in one of the fuel bowls... a crack rather. And it does leak! Where the heck do I get a fuel bowl for this without buying a new carb? Im on a horrible budget. Also not quite sure which carb I have... either a VM-36... or a.VM-38? Its stamped 91' on the tunnel for model year, EXT on hood and "special" is all over in graffix. Its got a 550 under the hood. Any ideas anybody??? I see no indication of weather its a prowler, prowler special, or an El tiger ext. Just not sure. I think its an El tigre. Any of you guys know for sure?
No prob, not to sure about your sled though, there should be a VIN number on the tunnel which determines the model, you can enter the number at this website and they'll E-Mail you with all the information/previous owner. A small engine junkyard will most likely have your bowl, craigs/ebay/amazon might too.
If it's a 550, I believe it is NOT an El Tigre. My 1990 is a 530, and I believe the 91's were also a 530. Does it look like the sled in my signature?
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