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Hey guys new to forum.

have a 1996 polaris 800.
How do I deal with a sticky trottle cable.
Crashed into a tree last weekend because of it !
Anoter question, is there meant to be oil in the exhaust pipe?
I have three pipes one had dripping oil , other signs of oil
and the other was dry> I found this when I removed the pipe when trying tobang out the crashed nose>

thanks for reading


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Oil is common in the pipes, if the pipes are cold, unburned oil condenses on the pipe walls and accumulates, leading to drips. Hot pipes that stay hot minimize the condensation, but don't eliminate it.

After you check the throttle cable for wear/kinks, check for dirt and/or corrosion. Sometimes a good cleaning and lube will fix the problem. It could also be water in the cable, which can freeze and make the cable stick.

Good luck!
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