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doomsday said:
Well, I just got Polaris EZ-steer carbide runners for my snomobile. I am going to install them next weekend. My dad said instead of studding my sled I should try these first, they should help a bit with steering(especially crossing roads). I'll let you know how they feel. By the way, my Polaris is a 94 and I havent broken 1,000 miles on it yet, mines the "baby"....all the other sleds have over 2,000 miles on them:D
You know carbides are not supposed to help you turn on roads right? Pretty much the best way to cross a rode is make sure you are pointed at your destination when you hit the pavement. They will steer a little when new on roads from my experience, but after only a couple hundred miles of wear they won't help on roads. But they should help on the trails a lot. I try replace my carbides every 1,000 miles, usually once or twice a year.
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