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I found this website while looking for parts. I am a female rider that has ridden my entire life. I ride an arctic cat M7, and the rest of the family is arctic cat also. My husband rides an 05 king cat 900, my 11 yr old daughter rides an 00 600 powder special, and my 13 yr old son rides an 99 700 powder special. That 700 seems to be the sled im always looking for parts. We ride mountains, not much trail. My kids were raised to go straight up or its no fun. I enjoy reading about the eastern US Its something I've never seen or experienced. I look at the pictures of the sleds and think to my self, thats what I rode when It first came off the line. When I was 2 I was put on a 1972 polaris 150 named herbie! So this is a nostalgic time for me. I hope that some woman are on this site. I don't know the engine but I can tell stories with the best of them.:)
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Welcome to the forum!
Welcome and glad to have you aboard! Us westerners are catching up on those guys back east, one sledder at a time! :D
Welcome and Happy Trails :cool:
Welcome aboard!
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