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i just bought a 98 700 rmk yesterday. i bought it knowing it was not running in tip top shape. it has some aftermarket stuff on it, and i am not sure what the jetting should be dialed in at... it has an aftermarket can, but the pipe is stock. i took the can off, but cannot find a brand name on it. it has a "hot seat" head, slp boost bottle, and gutted air box. i am riding at about 1500' asl.

i just took the carbs apart, cleaned them, and looked at the jets that are in it. there is a 175 main, 42 pilot, and r1371g needle (both carbs are jetted identical).

i am constantly fouling plugs while it is idling. can anyone give me a ballpark range of where the jetting should be?

also, does anyone know anything about that hot seat head? im not quite sure what the thing is set up for....
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