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well its been awhile since i have posted asking for some help but here i sit again typing to you guys.

I have a 90 safari scout 377. i had some issues with idle as well as some with hitting max rpm. so i took carb off as i have before gave it a good cleaning. nothing out of the ordinary for a carb that has sat all winter. i put it back together and tossed it back on the sled. pulled it over and bang sputter splat she fired up.( i am sure that there was some fuel in the exhaust causing the bang) anyway idle was fixed sled was smoking like a sailor again i am sure from sitting and not being open up. so i decided to rev her up let it get the stink out. well that didnt work so well so i adjusted the low speed needle and ok good i can get it to rev up but no more then 4 grand then it would fall on its face breifly then back up to 4 grand so no i dont know im gonna grab some new plugs tomorrow and see but i am concerned that something isnt right here

sorry long winded run on sentence but he i didnt get where i am on my education so :cheeky4:

any and all suggestions are very welcome
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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