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97 Polaris XLT Limited
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Thanks to JDS I was able to identify this old sled. What a cool looking machine. I got it from some people in Beach ND. They just wanted to get it out of their shed. They bought the house and the sled was in there, so I drove out there yesterday and picked it up. What a tank!!! My god that thing is heavy!!!

The sled is actually very complete, headlights taillights, all the engine covers and what not. Everthing is there!! The carb is froze up, so I would have to rebuild it or get a new one. The engine pulls over hard, but it does pull over. Figure I will dump some mystery oil down the cylinders and see if she will free up better, maybe dump some fuel in then and see if it will fire. Then go from there.

I would like to see her run. It's a cool looking old sled. It has the Kohler 399 engine so I know I can get parts for her.

Here is a link to the thread I started with some picture of it. It won't let me attach those pictures to this thread for some reason. MODS if you can help me out with that I would appreciate it!!

Anyways here is the link to the pics.
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