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Hello guys, I'm new to this forum, and really to all forums. I recently bought a project mxz600 snowmobile with a bad water pump. I pulled it out and the plastic worm gear was stripped. Installed the new one and refilled coolant. Started it up and ran it for about 10 minutes. Looked like the coolant was circulating because there were bubbles and movement in the reservoir. I topped it off and decided to test ride it on a trail. Got about half a mile and it died with a bunch of coolant splirting everywhere underneath. It didn't seem to have compression after, at least the feel of pulling the crank was too even to have normal compression. I took the engine cover off and one cylinder looked good, tho the other piston was stuck all the way up so I couldn't see the other cylinder. I can't crank it now. Oh, and the spark plugs looked burned, rather than fouled, which makes me think it wasn't getting oil injected in either. Any thoughts? I tried to be as thorough as I could with what I know happened. Here are some things I think could be wrong:
1) the oil pump is stuck, which indirectly caused the water pump to stop and the gear to get eaten originally. This would also account for overheating and piston rings melting, etc.
2) the thermostat is broken, so that coolant won't flow, stopping up the oil pump as well, which deprived the engine of oil injection.
3) the original owner got rid of oil injection and depends on mixing oil with gas, and I didn't know this - although I put everything together right, it didn't have oil.
4) I didn't install the water pump correctly and it fucked everything up - lol

Am I on the right track?
Thanks for any help!!!
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