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When the MX Z 583 was introduced last year, we quickly discovered this sled was something special. We couldn't make enough of 'em to satisfy hungry riders. Chad Ramesh won a World Championship in Stock B at Eagle River riding one. And to cap it all off, both SnoWest and Snow Goer magazines gave the MX Z 583 ''Snowmobile of the Year'' honors, while Race & Rally recognized it as the ''Best Rendition of a New Model.''

A quick check of the features reveals the reasons for this success: a race-ready SC-10 Cross-Country suspension system, a gutsy 581cc Rotax engine with Rotary and R.A.V.E., race-tested ergonomics that make the rider feel like he's part of the machine, an industry-best Bombardier disc brake, all housed in a super-light S-2000 configuration. Not bad for a sled that a lot of people would have bought just for the paint job. So what do we do for an encore? Even on a sled this quick, we're not going to sit still. So for '97, you'll find a slick new windshield that steers wind around the rider without slowing him down, a new track that's lighter, quieter and provides a better bite, a larger gas tank that sacrifices none of the sled's ergonomic race-readiness, and an easier rewind starter. After all, while awards are nice, it's riding we care about.

328 Posts
Engine: ROTAX 583
w/Rotary valve, R.A.V.E.
Displacement/Cylinders: 581cc/2
Bore&Stroke: 76.0 x 64.0
Carburetion: 2 x VM 40
Exhaust System: Tuned pipe to
spiral muffler
Drive Pulley: Cushion Drive T.R.A.C.
Brake System: Hydraulic Disc,

Offical Dry Weight (lbs/kg): 502/228
Ski Stance (in/mm): 41.0/1,045.0
Track Width/Length: 15.0 x 121.0
(in/mm): 381.0 x 3,072.0
Fuel Tank: 10.7 gal/40.5 L

Front Suspension: DSA w/swing arm/
radius rods & sway bar
(torsion type)
Front Shock: 2 High-Pressure Gas
Front Suspension: 6.8/172.7
Max. Travel (in/mm):
Rear Suspension: SC-10 Cross-Country
with ACM
Front Arm Shock: 1 High-Pressure Gas
Rear Arm Shock: 1 High-Pressure Gas
Rear Suspension
Max. Travel (in/mm) 10.0/254.0

Frame: Aluminum
Hood: RRIM/Polyurethane
Ski: RRIM/Polyurethane

Seating Capacity: 1
Backrest: N/A
Handlebar: Straight
Electric Start: N/A
Reverse: Optional
Heated Grips/Throttle: Standard
Speedometer/Tripmeter: Standard (White Facia)
Tachometer: Standard (White Facia)
Fuel Gauge: Mechanical
Temperature Gauge: Light
Windshield: Low profile
Carbide Runners: 5 Standard
Throttle: Progressive

good enough for ya? ;)
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